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Our approach

Manchester Molecular Pathology Innovation Centre (MMPathIC) has developed a virtual pipeline model for the development of novel biomarkers and technologies.

The pipeline

Delivering novel diagnostics and molecular pathology tests to the clinic or market involves a series of steps, forming the development pathway, to establish the analytical accuracy, clinical and cost effectiveness, and clinical utility of a novel marker.

The pipeline model developed through MMPathIC aligns itself and our infrastructure to this pathway.

MMPathIC works with researchers and companies who are at different steps of this pathway. To ensure the greatest likelihood of achieving MMPathIC's vision of delivering new tests to the clinic, all potential projects are evaluated for their likely value proposition.

View a diagram of the MMPathIC pipeline (PDF, 692KB).

Value proposition

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence evaluates medical technologies and diagnostics, and makes recommendations as to whether they should be used in the NHS. A key assessment criterion for a new technology is its value proposition.

The value proposition asks whether the new technology does the same thing at a lower cost, or if it is better for the same price. Within the MMPathIC pipeline approach, this is evaluated at the first stages as, without fulfilling this, a new product is unlikely to be adopted by the NHS.


Future plans include development of a Parallel Adoption Laboratory for Biomarkers into the NHS (ParALab), which will run tests in parallel with NHS labs to test the effectiveness of new technologies in a real life setting for valuable head-to-head clinical evidence.