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Manchester Molecular Pathology Innovation Centre (MMPathIC)

Manchester Molecular Pathology Innovation Centre (MMPathIC) has a number of collaborations with industry.

Singulex Logo

Singulex are a US company with a single molecule counting immunoassay platform, Clarity System installed in MMPathIC labs as part of ongoing clinical evaluation.

Clinicians have accessed cutting edge pre-market release technology for evaluating super-sensitive troponin in their patient cohorts. There is also an overarching agreement with Singulex that they support MMPathIC to develop Clarity-based assays for novel protein biomarkers discovered and/or validated through SBDC, to regulatory standards.

The benefits Singulex has realised from working with MMPathIC include access to academic, technical and methodological expertise, linkage to NHS pathology labs, and an increased understanding of the pathway needed to get products into clinical service. Specifically, the collaboration has produced (and continues to produce) high quality analytical data based on a number of patient cohorts for clinical evaluation of our super-sensitive troponin assay, and, work around the economic evidence necessary for adoption of the Clarity platform. We anticipate this programme of work will extend as our product pipeline develops (including evaluation of Singulex’ C.diff assay). Furthermore, the MMPathIC team is an absolute pleasure to collaborate with”. John A. Todd (Sr. VP & CSO)"

Immunarray logo

ImmunArray are a US-Israeli company developing novel rule out tests for lupus based on proprietary iCHIP technology. The company’s product pipeline includes biomarkers for diagnosis/monitoring Traumatic Brain Injury, for which Manchester, led by MMPathIC, will be the European demonstration site.

As MMPathIC support ImmunArray to access the NHS, knowledge transfer from the company to MMPathIC has been extensive, and continues, around regulatory requirements/data needed for CE marking.

"Combined with the breadth of research across Manchester’s academic and clinical campus, and specific depth and strength in inflammatory and autoimmune clinical excellence, MMPathIC offers a unique co-development opportunity for companies working in this area. MMPathIC colleagues  are committed to provide access to new and patient centric technology in a disciplined, clinically driven approach”. Donna Edmonds (Chairman/ CEO)"


Kurma Logo

Kurma Diagnostics - a French Venture Capitalist focused on life sciences investments who commissioned MMPathIC to evaluate a novel device to improve urine cytology. Academic/ pathology services expected & actual benefits: initial collaborative work around the Kurma cytology device has led to further potential opportunities.

MMPathIC gained experience of the device route and (in addition to IVD regulatory knowledge). An indirect benefit has been unanticipated organic growth of links between MMPathIC and clinical/ pathology sub-specialities (e.g. urologists, cytopathology).

The team has provided expertise in product evaluation and testing with their well-equipped facilities and experienced staff, helped devise strategies (including identifying grants) around product performance, and maximised data produced out of every study. The accessibility the lab has to a major clinical centre has also allowed collection of a great deal of information from clinicians to better understand how our product fits into clinical pathways.

We’ve had an extremely productive working relationship with MMPathIC, and will continue to do so in the future”. Alain Horvais (President, KDx Acceleration)"